Friday, January 20, 2012

Mini Apple Pies

Tomorrow we have a dessert and game night (does it get any better than that!?) I couldn't decide what I wanted to take so I hit up Pinterest (so addicted) and found these mini apple pies from Little Bit Funky.  With some help from Buddy (he kept the floor nice and clean) I made my first pie(s) ever.

Let me tell you what they were delicious!

At the little local grocery store where I went to buy my pie crust and apples the elderly lady at the cash register asked if I was making pie, I told her today I was making pie for the first time ever and that I was going to make mini pies she seemed to think that was kind of funny.  If you know my sister-in-law Britt, then you know that she has this incredible gift to connect with people and really get to know joke, the salesman she bought her new truck from texted her a picture of his new baby the other day (who does that?).  I really admire that trait in Britt so I decided to channel my inner Britt and take the cashier a few of the little pies (after I tested them to make sure they weren't disgusting).  She was just getting off work when I got there and I was greeted with a huge smile as I thanked her for selling me my first pie crust and handed her a baggie with some pies in it.  I hope I brightened her day as much as she brightens the day of those she comes into contact with at the grocery store.

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  1. Awww... Shucks! You made me blush! Thanks dear - just what I needed to hear and way to show some love!