Saturday, January 28, 2012

No More Seminary and Heart Shaped Cupcakes

My husband is officially done with seminary, no more class, no more papers, no more meeting with advisors...everything and I mean everything is done.  He also has ALL of his paperwork in for ordination yeah, I'm a little excited.  He stayed up late Thursday finishing his last paper, when he came to bed sometime after 1:00 I rolled over and said, "Is it over?" he said, "yep, it's done" then we both fell asleep (we really know how to party).  The next afternoon we were both home at the same time something that hardly happened in January so we decided to make some red velvet cupcakes to celebrate (I told you we know how to party).  I had seen somewhere (tried to find it to give you the link but I forgot to pin it) if you put a marble in the cupcake pan before you put the paper liner in it makes them shaped like a heart so we tried it out on about half of them.  Some came out looking cute like this one.

While some just looked like mutated cupcakes... 

We are going to do a little more celebrating today, headed to a movie and then dinner out for some Indian food.  Delicious!

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